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[Fanart] Tooikuni ▐ KHR, PoT, Bleach etc

遠 い 国 ▐ tooikuni
Fandoms: Katekyo Hitman Reborn, Prince of Tennis, Bleach, Naruto + various others
Pairings: KHR only since I don't know the others ;; 8018 mainly, D18, 6918
Rating: Pg

Well, I admit that I was only interested in the Reborn side of this site but I went through most of the other fandoms because the images are so gorgeous.
The artist has various styles, some quirky, some plain gorgeous and it seems they like experimenting with different media too. Every single style works in its own way.
It's definitely the most artistic fanarts I've seen - most fanart are just pretty but this one is just breathtaking.
Also there is some pretty sweet Harry Potter & the Half Blood Prince fanart 8D;